What is Depiction: Chapel Hill?

Depiction is an interactive installation that will take you around downtown Chapel Hill, show you details about the city you’ve probably never noticed before, and encourage you to participate in a community art project.

Where does it happen?

In downtown Chapel Hill, at Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe, 431 W. Franklin St. Suite 16, inside The Courtyard. Click the Locate Barcodes tab to map all of the other sites in the installation.

When is it?

From February 26 – May 31, 2013. Walking tours are scheduled for Saturday March 16, 2pm and Saturday May 11, 2pm, meeting at Vimala’s. Follow Parasol B on Facebook for updates to this information.

What will I be doing?

Locating the barcodes placed around downtown, scanning them for instructions, taking photos according to the instructions, and submitting them to the community photo collection.

Where can I see the photos I’ve submitted?

All photos should appear here within a few minutes of submitting them. Be sure to share them with your friends using the social media buttons.

What if my friend doesn’t have this app or a smartphone?

The barcodes can be scanned with any QR code scanning app, but I recommend i-nigma if the Parasol B app does not support their smartphone. You can scan the barcodes to get the instructions and your friend can then take the photos with any digital camera. Then email them to Parasol B.

Depiction: Chapel Hill is a part of Windows on Chapel Hill.

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